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Industrial Design | Design Strategy 

Whatever keeps you at your desk—it can wait. You shouldn’t. Nor should everyone else who needs a few minutes...you know, all those people you’ve never had the time to meet. With Yawa,

How to relieve your bustling life and have a enjoyable break with those who feel the same?


In the direction which we derived from research, we generated three different ideas which were then redefined and merged into our final concept. The steps of the user experience is illustrated above.

To join the social network, users will create breaks and allow others to join. After users enjoyed their breaks with others, these breaks are then rated by the people who go on them and certain breaks become popular. At this point, those popular breaks have potential opportunities to be monetized and marketed to local businesses. People receive discounts when taking certain breaks and shopping at certain stores.

Conversely, instead of creating breaks, users can also select a break in their local area to join and enjoy with others.

Yawa provides busy, hard-working people with a reason to pause what they’re doing and take time for themselves. With others. That takes guts. 

Yawa let’s it ride. We believe the break should be a break and not a black tie affair. Come as you are. We don’t judge. 

Breaks are suspensions of our responsibilities. When we do have to return, we do so with a renewed focus and direction.

Break together.