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Located in American Canyon California, Dynacraft started as a distributor, providing high quality and affordable bicycles for the entire family. With innovation close to heart and eyes on the future, Dynacraft sought opportunities.

Based on growing customer demand, Dynacraft entered the battery powered ride-on toy market. Starting in the 6 volts category and now in 12 volts, Dynacraft currently manufactures multiple vehicles with great success. The goal of our design team was to help Dynacraft innovate by generating new concepts for powered ride-on toys that set themselves apart from other products.

How might we create the next level in powered ride-on vehicles that will expand the imaginations of young children, while promoting family fun and outdoor play?

There is an opportunity to design a ride-on toy for girls which not only adjusts the look and feel of the products, but provides girls with experiences that have the “WOW” factor.


After many rounds of sketching and discussions, our team decided to go for the concept of the princess carriage. We looked into the characteristics of princesses and some decorations that attract girls from ages 3 to 8, collecting elements, finally resulting in the concept. Our vision was to see the smiles on the faces of these girls when they drive the carriage and enjoy the feeling of being a princess.

We also believed that there was a white space in business for making a princess carriage ride-on toy which would differentiate our product and help Dynacraft succeed in the market.


After the final concept was chosen, we moved to the next stage of 3D modeling. Solidworks was used for generating parts for the fabrication process of CNC and 3D printing.

To make sure that our end users could fit in our design, human factors of kids age from 4 to 7 were discussed in meeting with the final dimensions being set accordingly.


Inspired by Disney Princesses and their famous carriages, the Princess Carriage was our full scale model, presented to our client, Dynacraft. Featuring our adjustable chassis design, custom wheels, and glowing lanterns, we were all happy to say that the princess carriage was a great success. Our client Dynacraft was pleased by the result and decided to move forward with the concept.


Selling at $450 per unit, in 2016 Dynacraft brought the Princess Carriage concept into reality with a partnership from Disney and Walmart. Our team is proud to say that this toy was sold out and has been rated a top 20 toy of 2016. In 2017, the Princess Carriage won the Silver Award in European Product Design Award.

The moment you realize...

Driving a princess carriage is more than just a dream.

Collaborative Learning Experience at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Cooperated with Dynacraft BSC Inc.

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