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Industrial Design | Design Strategy 

Yin-Hsiang Lin, originally from Taiwan, is an industrial designer, a design strategist, and a creative thinker. With an Industrial Design B.S. degree, Yin has extended his skillset further with two master degrees in Industrial Design and Design Management from Savannah College of Art and Design. Most recently, Yin focused his work on the research part of a design process which help teams disclose actionable insights and further potential market opportunities.

Being trained as an industrial designer, Yin is capable of developing concepts and carrying out the final design both visually and physically; with the view point of a Design Management thinking pattern, he is able to draw meaningful insights from seemingly ordinary things with an innovative approach.

Over time, Yin has come to understand that the harmony between industrial design and Design Management resides within the very thing that makes them different. Industrial Design involves getting works done, while Design Management involves finding the right works to work on; industrial designers struggle to be creative, while design managers facilitate that creativity, igniting it within the individual; industrial designers understand what materials to use, while design managers maintain focus on the end user’s experience.

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To reach the user-centered innovation, Yin now approaches his work at the intersection of Industrial Design and Design Management with empathy at heart and an eye to the future.

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